Your # 1 Responsibility As A Small Business Owner

Do you know your # 1 responsibility as a small business owner?
Well, that is besides . . .taking care of payroll, hiring, inventory, putting out fires, waiting on customers, answering the phone, going to the bank & the post office,opening, closing and everything in between each working day!
The answer is MARKETING! You see, if you have no customers . . . then you don't need any products or services, so there would be no need for employees, inventory or even opening your business because you would not have a business!
MARKETING is EVERYTHING! Without Marketing, you have no customers & no business.
Marketing is how you find and attract potential prospects, who you then convert into actual paying customers.
So if Marketing is so important, no it is absolutely vital to the survival and growth of your business . . . then why is Marketing usually the last and the least understood aspect of most small businesses?
It is because the majority of small business owners spend most of their time doing all of the things mentioned above, that is working "in" their business rather than working "on" their business.
But here's the thing . . . none of the above things of working "in" your business is making you any money.
Working "on" your business, which is Marketing, will make you money by finding & attracting the right prospects with the right message to either come through your front door or call you on the phone about your service or to make an appointment for your expertise.
Everything you do from the time you open the front door in the morning to the time you lock it at night should be devoted to Marketing, figuring out what your prospects & customers want and need, how you can better serve those want and needs and how you can keep those customers buying more from you and for a longer period of time.
That is Marketing and That Is What I Do!
If you are too busy working "in" your business or not too sure what Marketing you should be doing or you just need a little help, feel free to give me a call at 662-736-3656

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