What Small Business Owners Are Telling Me

What Business Owners Have Told Us

Many business owners have told us that they are frustrated that their sales are not what they expected. They are worried about how the current economy will affect their customers. They are seeing more sales opportunities turning to a no decision because their customers or prospective clients lost their jobs or their budgets were cut. Their banks are cutting their credit lines. Their competition is lowering prices to stay afloat. More competitors are vying for fewer customers. They are frustrated and do not know what to do so that they cut back themselves.

Business Owners Are Demanding Results

Here is a solution for many of these companies. The Universal Profit Solutions system has been proven to work in good times and in bad. This marketing system can help you uncover underutilized / underperforming opportunities that already exist in your business. These hidden opportunities can be leveraged to generate more sales and cash flow without having to spend any additional money on traditional advertising.

What Makes Universal Profit Solutions, LLC Different?

Universal Profit Solutions, LLC is unique from other marketing companies in three ways:                                                                                  

(1) How we view marketing                                                                          

(2) How we create and implement marketing systems                         

(3) How we guarantee performance of the system. 

By focusing on your business, and what you already have in dormant marketing opportunities that could be optimized and leveraged we can:                                                                                                                                    Increase your sales, speed up and increase your cash flow, increase your profit margins, and, increase your working capital (without borrowing) 25% to 100% or more in about 90 to 120 days without spending additional money on traditional advertising.

With Universal Profit Solutions, LLC your business has the potential to grow thousands of dollars in sales. Regardless of the marketing strategies you are using now, you can now leverage and optimize your current system to increase your sales and profits 25% to 100% or more in 90 to 120 days without spending additional money on advertising. We invite you to learn more about our unique marketing system and how we can help you grow your business by attracting more prospects, converting them into actual paying customers, make more sales, more often, for a longer period of time, generate more referrals, free - up more working capital without borrowing more, increasing your cash flow, increasing your revenue and increasing your profits WITHOUT having to spend more of your hard - earned dollars on expensive, not always effective advertising.

Give Murrey a call at 662-736-3656 and discuss your # 1 marketing challenge.


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