Professional Practice

Universal Profit Solutions can help Professionals make more money using our marketing strategies to grow sales and profits 25% or more in as little as 90 – 120 days without asking them to spend any more money on traditional advertising.

Lawyers, Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists Consultants, Engineers, all can use this marketing system to build their practice. In today’s competitive market for professional services, more and more prospective clients, buyers are using the internet. They want good advice and often FREE advice before they select to do business. The same is off - line. Professionals need to be able to educate and teach before they will sell.

Universal Profit Solutions can help solve some of the biggest marketing / sales challenges faced by Professionals such as how to:

  • Differentiate your practice from the competition
  • Sell on value rather than keep lowering your price
  • Set up a “system” of educating and teaching to build trust and rapport
  • Make an effective sales presentation whether off - line or on - line
  • Close a deal
  • Set up a “system” of getting referrals from happy clients / customers
  • Qualify prospective clients to save time, money and be more profitable

Our marketing system solves each of these problems for Professionals. It should be the core of all their m90arketing efforts.