Marketing for Distributors and Wholesalers

Universal Profit Solutions can help distributors and wholesalers grow sales and profits exponentially (25% or more) in as little as 90 – 120 days without asking them to spend an extra dime on advertising.

Why do Distributors and Wholesalers need Universal Profit Solutions?

Wholesale companies can sell direct to the end user or to retailers, distributors and dealers. They have the same marketing challenges as other businesses – finding new prospects, converting prospects to paying customers, and increasing the value or worth of each customer.

  • If selling directly to the end user, a wholesaler competes with other wholesalers. They must have a compelling reason / distinct advantage to distinguish them from competing suppliers of the same products and services.


  • If selling to retailers, dealers and or distributors their biggest marketing challenge is to get those buyers they supply selling more! This involves marketing alliances or partnerships. If they can partner better than other wholesalers in helping their customers sell more of their product, they will not only be unique but sell more of their products! Most wholesalers look at retailers, distributors and dealers as expenses rather than “partners.”


  • Our marketing system will help wholesalers and distributors create a “marketing partnership” that creates more sales and profits for both the wholesaler and the retailer.