Lean Marketing for Manufacturers

Universal Profit Solutions helps owners of manufacturing companies grow sales and profits exponentially (25% or more) in as little as 90 – 120 days without asking them to spend an extra dime on traditional advertising.

The biggest marketing and sales obstacles we know manufacturers experience are:

  • How to get the most out of their manufacturing show dollar
  • How to sell value rather than lower price
  • How to compete against China and other low - cost suppliers
  • How to get more production out of their dealers and distributors
  • How to improve the performance of inside / outside sales representatives and outside broker representatives
  • How to get more out of their internet marketing efforts without spending more
  • Regardless of the type of manufacturer you are – selling to end users, other manufacturers, or through distributors and dealers; our marketing system can help you uncover thousands and thousands of new sales and profits for your manufacturing business. It will help you “create your own economy” and not fully rely on the national or international economies remaining strong in order to create the demand needed for your company.