How’s Business

Slow?  Stagnant?  Declining?

What are you doing differently this year than you did last year to:

  • Attract more prospects?
  • Convert them into paying customers?
  • Make more sales?
  • Generate more referrals?
  • Free-up more working capital without borrowing?
  • Increase your bottom line profits?


My guess is NOTHING . . . right?

Why are you doing nothing differently than you did last year?

Well, there is probably several answers to that question.

(1) You are already doing what everyone else in your type of business or your industry is doing to get more business . . . spending your hard-earned dollars on yellow page, newspaper or radio advertising and making your advertising sales rep a lot of commissions.

(2) You don’t have a marketing budget, so you just “hope & pray” enough people keep coming in to buy your products / services. You also look at marketing as an expense that you can’t afford.

(3) You know in your heart that your business could and should be doing better, but you don’t know what to do, so you do nothing differently than you did last year or any other year for that matter.


Well, here are the cold, hard facts:

If you want your business to not just survive, but thrive, grow and prosper in the 21st Century, you absolutely, positively must do something unique & different from all the other businesses in your industry. You have got to answer the questions of what do I have or what can I offer that no one else in my industry can do or offer and why should potential prospects choose to spend their hard-earned money with my business instead of any of my competitors.

Traditional advertising (yellow page, newspaper & radio) does only 1 thing . . . helps you attract more prospects to your business.

Did you know that’s only the first way to grow your business? Did you know there are 2 more? I bet your advertising sales rep never mentioned the other 2 ways to grow your business to you. Want to know what they are?

(2) Convert those prospects into actual paying customers buying your products  / services.

(3) Increasing the total value of your customer to your business. You can do this in 4 ways:

  1. by increasing their average sale amount!
  2. by getting them to spend more money with you!
  3. getting them to spend more money, more often!
  4. extending their lifetime buying cycle by years!

Anyone ever shared that with you before? You see, those expensive, not always so effective ads you have been spending your hard-earned money on, have only been helping you grow your business one way, attracting more prospects.

What if there was a way your business could grow all 3 ways, at the same time? Would you be interested in finding out more?

Well, that’s what this site is all about, sharing with you how to grow your small business Without you having to spend another dime on traditional advertising.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all advertising is bad and you shouldn’t do it. If you have the budget for advertising and you have been getting the kind of results you were expecting for your advertising dollars, then by all means, continue advertising. Advertising does work, if done correctly. So, let’s be clear, I’m not anti-advertising . . . I just know from personal experience (4 small businesses) that a small business can still grow, thrive and prosper without expensive advertising.

The second reason your business probably did nothing differently this year than last year was because you don’t have a marketing budget and you look at marketing as an expense.

Always remember this . . . it doesn’t matter what type of business you are in (florist, fitness, auto mechanic, attorney, physician, carpenter, etc.) You are in the MARKETING business!

You must give your potential prospects and customers a reason to choose your business over all the other choices they have to spend their money with. What makes you different or unique from everyone else. Once you uncover that, then you let your potential prospects and customers know why they should choose your business . . . that’s marketing. Or put another way, marketing is letting people know what it is that you do or what you have over and over and over. Marketing is that important. Marketing = Sales = Business Growth!

No marketing = no sales = no growth = OUT of BUSINESS!!!

Marketing is NOT an expense, it is an investment in the future of your business. Without it, you might as well close your doors and go get a job working for someone else, because you will always be just barely getting by, treading water just to keep your head above it, always competing on price and you’ll never enjoy the freedom of business ownership. Yes, Marketing is that important. Marketing is Not an expense, it is an investment . . . enough said!

And now the third reason you probably haven’t done anything differently . . . you know your business could be doing better, but you just don’t know what to do.

Well, the good news is that I do. You see, that is what I do. I know marketing and I know there are many low-cost / no-cost marketing strategies you can implement into your business that will allow your business to grow all 3 ways, at the same time, without you having to spend any more money on traditional advertising.

If you want to grow your business by attracting more prospects, converting them in to paying customers, generating more referrals, freeing up more working capital without borrowing and most importantly, increasing your bottom line profit without spending more of your hard-earned money on advertising . . . then give me a call 662-736-3656