Business Startups

Most new businesses fail not just because of a lack of capital but because they just didn’t calculate how hard it would be to get their products or services to market. Some of the common frustrations we hear from start - up entrepreneurs are:

  • How can I grow sales without spending a lot of money
  • How do I measure my marketing / sales dollar’s performance
  • How do I learn how to sell so I can train my sales people to close more sales
  • How do I get my brand out so that it is different from all the rest
  • How can I keep my new customers coming back and not going to the competition
  • How do I compete against the big box companies like Wal-Mart
  • How do I build a website that grows my business

If you’re just starting your business you’ll want to call Universal Profit Solutions to see how we can help you get your sales and profits skyrocketing very rapidly!

Don’t do any other marketing until you have some of our low – cost / no – cost marketing strategies in place. You’ll be wasting thousands of dollars in start - up capital that you’re going to need for other things! And be very careful who you get your marketing advice from.

Only take marketing advice from someone who has “been there”. “done that” and not from someone who has never owned a small business before or never been in sales before.

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