Don’t Market Your Business Like This

I remember a cruise port of call a couple of years ago in Jamaica. My wife and I were on a tour bus with 50 or so other passengers from our ship when the driver made an unscheduled stop at a flea market. Everyone got off the bus and started browsing around the flea market. The vendors started running up to us and pushing items they had for sale in our faces and shouting out the prices. We couldn't even walk without being bombarded by the vendors. I've seen desperate measures before but this took desperate sales tactics to a whole new level. As my wife plowed through the vendors shaking her head, one lady vendor pushed a t-shirt in my face as I passed her dugout store. As I pushed the t-shirt out of my face, she grabbed me by the arm with a long metal stick with a hook on the end, used for reaching shirts above her head and dragged me into her dimly lit, damp little shop. I immediately got the stick hook off my arm and bolted out the door. Meanwhile my wife had turned around and when she didn't see me, she started heading back towards where I was. We then said forget this and headed toward the bus and when we boarded there were already 30 or so passengers there all ranting and raving about the behavior of the vendors. When we arrived back to the ship, a formal complaint was filed with the cruise director. Since then, we have been on 3 cruises and intentionally only book ones that does not stop in Jamaica.
Now I know you certainly don't market your business this way, but could you be doing some things that are driving your prospects and customers away? Here are a few that come to mind:
(1) No where to park close to your building. Do you or your employees take up all the "good" parking spots close to your entrance?
(2) Dim lighting inside your store. How can customers see what you have to offer if it's not enough light in your business?
(3) Are your employees texting or talking on their cell phone rather than paying 100% attention to your customers? This is one of my pet peeves.
(4) Do your customers "stack up" at the cash register, waiting to check out while other employees just roam around doing nothing? What is more important than collecting the money for a sale?
(5) Not saying a simple "Thank You" after the sale is made and the money is collected. I can't tell you how many times I have encountered this type of rude and unacceptable behavior at businesses.
There are 5 things, but I promise there are plenty more.
Just make sure your business isn't guilty of any of the above and by the way, I'm not bashing Jamaica, there are vendors here in the good old USA just as unprofessional . . . they just don't get any of my business.
I know all of these are "no brainers" and easily addressed, but if you need any help, give me a call at 662-736-3656.

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